Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oil free Potato Chips!!!

I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE potato chips...I could easily polish off an entire bag in one sitting. Oh youth and my once fast metabolism....Since I became vegan, I try to eat a healthy, plant based diet. And, although potato chips are vegan, they are far from healthy. So, imagine my delight, when I stumbled up the "Fat Free Vegan Kitchen's" blog post on healthy snacks, including potato chips!- 
 Well, I just had to try and make them myself!

What you'll need-
  • A potato
  • Your preferred seasonings, (sea salt, pink Himalayan mineral salt, pepper, chili powder, etc...)
  • A good knife and a steady hand! (Or, a mandolin slicer, which is what I used)
  • Parchment or wax paper. (I used both. I prefer parchment.)
  • A microwave oven, preferably with a glass turntable.
Potato scrubbed clean and my $9 mandolin slicer!
Sliced and ready to go.
Place the parchment paper directly onto the microwave's glass turntable.
Add the potatoes and your preferred seasonings. I used black pepper and himalayan pink salt.
Cook for approx 4-6 minutes until they begin to brown, and look like this-
You can let them go a little longer if you want them a bit darker, but you MUST watch them closely or they will get very brown and have a burnt taste. And look like this-
Now, here they are. They did not disappoint! They are yummy, crunchy and delish!
*Note- For super yummy Salt & Vinegar Chips, soak them in apple cider vinegar for a few minutes after you slice them. Place on parchment paper and season. They come out really great!

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